Tuesday, December 30, 2014

2014 January WQSG Meeting

Pattern History

There are so many wonderful sites on the web today where we can study the history of the various quilt patterns down through the decades. I am going to try to give you at least one for each quilt shared during our January 2014 meeting. If you would like to learn even more, just google the pattern name and add the word quilt after it. I'm going to try to gove you a wide vaiety of links so that you can discover and experience many different websites. But you might just as easily find every pattern on any given website. Here is a wonderful variety of quilts from one member's collection.

Blue Double Irish Chain 

Some history on the pattern by Barbara Brackman.

 Old Maid's Puzzle

 Click here to see a great blogpost abvout this pattern by Tim Latimer.

Another Old Maid's Puzzle quilt - 1880-1910?

The next quilt pattern goes by many names. 
Let's start with Flyfot. 

Click here to read more from Anne Champion.

Turkey Track Quilt Pattern

The Quilt Index has a great many Turkey Track quilts recorded.

Another variation of Turkey Tracks

The Log Cabin Quilt Pattern

Here is one of many links out there about the Log Cabin quilt pattern and all its variations.

The Princess Feather

Visit the Quilt History Reports blog to learn more about this patterns interesting history.

Star Quilt Patterns

What would you name this one, if you had to name it?

Red Cross pattern or Album Quilt pattern?

I tend to think of the quilt lying on the table as the Red Cross Quilt Pattern, but in fact, it has many different names. But I'll send you to a  Red Cross Quilt site anyway.

Red & Green Quilts

Two sources for your for this type of quilt. There are so many I hate to limit the links to two. Red and Green applique quilts tend to be stunning quilts, decade after decade. 

Basket Quilts - Pieced or Appliqued, your choice.

And another!

 A marvelous quilt honoring the Coast Guard.

Here is a link to several quilts honoring the U.S. Coast Guard

Crazy Quilts

Crazy Quilts have an extraordinarily well-documented history beginning in the 1880s.


A Family Reunion Quilt

What a great way to celebrate a gathering of the generations!

Star Quilts

Ocean Waves - variation in red and white

 The Pine Burr pattern

Here is the adventure one quilt historian had discovering and documenting a red and green Pine Burr quilt in her collection from the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia.

Hexagon or Grandmother's Flower Garden?

It's all in the placement of your fabrics for the pattern is the same.